Auto Tracking System

The Device is actually an Auto track device equipped with built-in video switcher
with many different input and output ports for connecting to different equipment
of conferences halls.
Different work modes, easy installation with no need to computer and other side
facility's only by buttons designed on the device as well as using software control
the device in case of preferences, automatic recognition of microphone code and
controlling every kind of camera, mixer and switchers are the distinctive features
of the device.


  • Doing all settings through keys designed on the device, no PCs needed
  • Able to control different mixers suitable for using FULL HD cameras 
  • Connecting to different types of microphones CU through LAN or Serial ports
  • Ability to control cameras manually, through keys designed on the device
  • Internal SDI switcher with 4 inputs and 1 output
  • Independent setting to microphone models and camera
  • Android and Windows application for controlling ESB, MICs CU, Camera and mixers



PGU Diagram 1

There are usually people around the meeting table speaking through one of the microphone delegates at an unspecified time.
When any delegate is activated then the PGU detects the last one and send proper position to the pre-defined camera and switch the video switcher simultaneously.
Any time during the session when all microphones are turned off, the PGU shows the HOME VIEW of the room via the proper camera. 


(Managing the cameras and displays according to the activated microphone units)

The queue of speakers is very important feature which now managing by the PGU.
Any time during the session if are activated more than one microphone, the PGU detects all of them and managed into the talkers list but just show the last one image into the displays, in this time if the last delegate would be turned-off then the PGU detects the before unit number and shows the image of that talker into the displays via proper camera. 

PGU Diagram 2


Operators can control all microphone units and cameras as easiest way
The operator of meeting (conference) room could be control the delegates and cameras via the application on the tablet.
He/she would see the activated delegates and also could be turn ON/OFF through the application.
In addition to the centralized tracking system, also the operator could be manually control each of the room's cameras and the output image at the same time. 

PGU Specification

PGU Datasheet       PDF, 1.0 MB
PGU User Manual   PDF, 3.1 MB

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