Integrated Controlling System

Imagine having a large meeting room or a conference room with hundreds of devices in your hands virtually and then you can control them in real without any movement. You can keep away all remote controls, Controlling Applications etc. then control everything via one integrated control panel into an Android Tablet.
Executing multiple commands via one key touch is one of the amazing features of this system, this mean is, you can create a custom scenario button like TURN OFF ALL and etc.
Accuracy, Efficiency and Easy to use reachable while using the HMS in your conference salon which supports many different of protocols and subsystems. 


  • No need any PC or Console application for setting up system
  • Able to control various of devices with different Serial protocols and/or Infrared remote controls
  • Supports 16 IR ports and 5 Serial ports
  • Simulate the whole hall according to the equipment in it
  • Customize all labels of keys on the control panel in any local languages as your need



HMS Diagram 1

To increase accuracy and reduce complexity in equipment controlling into the medium and large halls is our main goal of the HMS (Hall Management System) product. This product provide in tow model HMS M2 and HMS M5 which could control up to 16 IR and 5 Serial devices through a centralized operator application. The HMS central controller has free interfaces which could send any commands depended in predefined by installer. 


(For sending a hundred controlling commands just touching one scenario button is enough)

By clicking on the one scenario button then could send the bunch of controlling commands through IR and/or serial interfaces to many of devices into the hall.
These commands must be defined just one time as a scenario button into the CRC application for any devices from any interfaces to sends one or more time as need repetition.
As you see could be connected one or more HMS to the controlling network.

HMS Diagram 2


All SERIAL based commands usually cleared as a HEXADECIMAL format codes which the installer could be add that commands into the CRC application as a controlling command.
But about the INFRARED Remote Controllers command’s data transfers as a light on the air and the receiver convert it to a command code like HEXADECIMAL format.
The HMS includes the embedded IR Receiver which no need any middle hardware to converting the IR commands to any other useful formats, for adding these type of commands into the system just need the IR data is received through the HMS’s IR eye. 

HMS Specification

HMS Datasheet       PDF, 0.7 MB

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